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The Paisley Awards 2018-Ceremony!


Doll lovers, we are finally here! The night of the 2018 Paisley Awards! I’m your host, Emmy Miranda Merriman and I’m really excited to present some awards to some awesome bloggers.

For those of you who need a little refresher, The Paisley Awards are a fun way to celebrate the accomplishments of doll bloggers on all platforms. There are 6 categories and each blogger can only win one. They were originally started by Samantha from AGDollAwesome. This is their third year.

Before we begin, if you didn’t win, please don’t be sad. You are an amazing doll blogger and you should continue doing what you love for as long as you’d like to.


Each of our winners tonight will receive a coveted Golden Paisley.  Now, let’s get started!

Our first award of the night is Best Photo Stories! Please put your hands together for…Del from Delightful World of Dolls!


Del, I love your leather jacket!


Huge thanks to everyone who enjoys my photostory series enough to vote for them. I’m so happy to know that you like them! A few of my favorites are Hang on to Hope Season 3 and Heads Up — I’m excited to make more series like those and also some fun standalones when I come back to blogging. Thanks again, Rose, and everyone who enjoys the photostories! Keep blogging!



Next up, we have Best AG Doll Photography! Please welcome the adorable Millie from American Girl Here and There!


*ahem* And I promised everyone back home I’d be real dignified. Sorry ya’ll, I’ve never had to give a speech before…

Thank ya’ll for nominating us. It means a lot, and I can’t believe we won! Must’ve been those cute pictures of me 😉 . Anyway, thank you! And please stop over anytime to visit or chat for a while. 

Now, we have our winner for Best Photo Series! The series is…Amazing Grace from Life of a Farm Doll!

Due to the crazy weather, the Life of a Farm Doll girls couldn’t make it tonight. But, we’ve set up a live video feed so they can accept their award from Canada. Take it away, Lanie!

2019-02-13 09-31-32 - 0001

Thank you so much, Emmy! I’ve have watched the Paisley Awards every year, but I never thought I could really win! This is literally a dream come true!
2019-02-13 09-32-42 - 0007
On behalf of the whole Life of a Farm Doll crew, I want to say thank you to all the people who leave such sweet comments on our blog, you encourage me so much! ❤
A few of my post I’m most proud of. 🙂 


Hi guys! Though our friends at Doll Days couldn’t be here, I’m here to accept the award for them! Oh my minions, I 100% encourage you to check out their amazing blog!

Thanks, Melody!

We’re down to our final few awards! Can you believe that?

Our next category is Best Holiday Post! This one won in a landslide. Our winner is…Christmas Shopping According to Crystal! Please welcome Morgan, representing AGs in Alaska.


It was such an honor to even be nominated for this award, but the fact that I won is absolutely incredible. I want to thank everyone who voted for me and for the amazing people who read my blog. You guys are the best, and I love each and every one of you! 

We’re down to our final category. Best Overall AG Doll Blog. Are you ready? The winner is…………….





Doll Notebook! Congratulations! Here we have Tenney to accept the award!


Hello Everyone! My name is, Tenneyson Evangeline Grant and I’m here representing Doll Notebook. Wow. First of all, we wanted to say that the doll blogging community is one of the most wonderful communities you can find on the entire internet. We are so thrilled to be a part of it! It was such an honor to find out our blog had won Best Overall Doll Blog! Honestly, Jewel was not expecting to win this category!


We were all so excited when she told us. And… it may not be very professional, but as she told her family members, she was jumping up and down. XD We post photoshoots and photo stories the most often, so we chose one of each to recommend, including one of Jewel’s most well-received photo stories: Caroline Becomes Cool, and the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photoshoot, because she is such a big Star Wars geek. But, if you want a really excellent post check out any that feature me. I’m joking. XD We love each and every one of you. Hugs to all!!! Thank you so, so, so much!!! ❤ 


That concludes our show! Congratulations to all of the winners. We can’t wait to see what all of you bloggers do in the next year!






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