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Paisley Awards 2018-Voting!


Hello, dollies! Welcome back to The Paisley Awards! I’m your host, Emmy Miranda Merriman. The nominations are in and now it’s time for you to vote. But first, here’s a quick refresher about our awards.

The Paisley Awards were started in 2017 by Samantha from AGDollAwesome. This year, we took over the job of hosting! The Paisley Awards are a fun way to show your support for the American Girl Doll blogging community. There are three parts: Nominations (Which already happened), voting (What you’re reading now), and the actual awards.

The awards show will take place on February 3, 2019. If you win, one of your dolls will come to accept the award. Of course, it won’t be your actual doll. One of our dolls representing your dolls will come. If we don’t have your doll, one that looks like you will accept the award.

That’s all there is to it!



How to Vote+Rules

There were 6 categories this year: Best Overall AG Doll Blog, Best Photo Series, Best AG Doll Photography, Best Photo Stories, Best Holiday Post, and Fan Favorite Post.

This year, we will vote using a Google Form. For each category, I will share with you guys the nominees and then you can cast your vote using it. There are 3+ nominees for each category. Because of the amount of nominations we received, I chose not to narrow them down with the exception of one of the posting categories, where the same blogger was nominated twice.

Please only vote once. If you are nominated, I ask that you do not vote for yourself. You will have until January 30 to vote. I will contact the winners on that day and winners will have two days to respond (Until Friday, the 25 of January). If you do not respond during that time, I will contact the person with the second highest votes. In the event of a tie, I will randomly select the winner. If someone wins twice, we will ask them which award they would rather accept. The other award will go to the blog with the second highest votes.

All of the photos used (Besides the ones of me, of course!) come from the blogs who were nominated. The link will be in the name of their blog.


Let’s get started!

Here’s the link to our Google Forms! 

Our first and most prestigious category is…

Best Overall AG Doll Blog

This category is for your favorite American Girl Doll blog! The one with the best all around blog, the one whose posts you eagerly await. Here are the nominees:


Happy House of AG

This blog has been run by Loren since 2014! She posts (With stunning photography) about the lives and adventures of her 15 dolls.


All Doll’d Up 

Katie’s blog is pretty new. She’s been running it since late 2017, but already it is very well known. Katie is known for her helpful and sweet posts. She has all kinds of dolls on her blog, not just AG.

American Girl World

Emmie’s a young blogger, but she doesn’t let that stop her! Not only does she post creative photo stories (And the popular Z Crew News segment), she also posts stop motion videos on her YouTube Channel!


Doll Days

How do you have a doll day? With oodles of dolls and gorgeous photography! Doll Days is blog run by AG Doll Crafter. She posts leaks, photo shoots, and, of course, crafts! This past summer, she hosted Doll STEM Camp inspired by GOTY 2018 Luciana Vega.


Doll Notebook 

Run by Jewel, Doll Notebook is known as a place to find creative photo stories and amazing photo series with fantastic writing and photography. She’s recently expanded into periodically posting about other types of dolls as well.


Time to cast your votes for the Best Overall AG Blog! Next up…


Best Photo Series

Which of these photo series was the one with the most captivating story, the one where you needed the next part ASAP? Here are the nominees:

The Treasure of Lady Travier

This photo series appears on Doll Notebook. It tells the story of two detectives trying to solve a mystery. The twist? Readers get to vote on what happens in the next episode!


Trying to Trust

You’ll find Trying to Trust on Silver Fox Studios! It tells the story of Peyton, the new girl in the house. A lot of time and effort was put into it as it is 10 parts long! The link above takes you to the first part.


Amazing Grace

You’ll find this series on Life of a Farm Doll. It tells the story of Claire and what happens when she takes a time machine to the Middle Ages. The link above is to the first part.


Time to cast your votes for the Best Photo Series! Next up…


Best AG Doll Photography

Who do you think has the most stunning doll photos? Here are the nominees:

Delightful World of Dolls

You guys have probably heard of this blog! Madi from Delightful World of Dolls has been at it for 6 years! Her photography is seriously on point, with her dolls sporting cute outfits backed by amazing lighting.

American Girl Here and There

DSC_7715. C

Stunning photos of cute dolls? That’s what Polka Dot Patriot has to offer on her blog, American Girl Here and There. She typically takes photos outside, making for some gorgeously lit photos.


American Girl World


What a beautiful photo this is! Emmie has skills when it comes to taking portraits of her dolls. Check out some of her photo shoots to see what I mean!


Just AG

Just AG has some amazing and unique photography techniques. Whether outside or inside, her photos are always stunning!


Dolls N’ All

Light4theLord has some jaw dropping photo skills. The one above is from her soon to be happening photo series, Secrets and Scandals. We love her photo shoots!


Say Hello to My Little Friends 

Say Hello to My Little Friends has cute photographs. Sometimes, she even takes her dolls on outings with her, which is where some of our favorite photos on her blog come from.


Time to cast your votes for the Best AG Doll Photography! Next up…


Best Photo Stories

Whose photo stories do you eagerly open in your reader? The ones that give you all of the feels? The ones that you’ll read over and over and over again? Here are the nominees:

Life of A Farm Doll 


On Life of a Farm Doll, you’ll find cute, funny, and meaningful photo stories. The link is for one of our favorites, Four Types of People and How to Prank Them.


Doll Notebook

Doll Notebook puts out amazing photo stories, which are some of the best written ones out there! The link is to one of our favorites, Rebecca’s Thanksgiving Game Show.


Delightful World of Dolls 

Madi’s photo stories produce every emotion! We love her doll’s personalities. The link is to one of our favorites, How Not to Be Bored at a Hotel According to Ellie.


Tea Time With Melody Q

Xyra’s photo stories chronicle her doll’s fun adventures with beautiful photos. The link is to one of our favorites, Grace’s Weekend Part 2, where Grace visits a train station.

Time to cast your votes for the Best Photo Stories! Next up…


Best Holiday Post

Which of these posts was your favorite, this holiday season? Here are the nominees:

Dashing Through the Snow-A Doll’s Life

Dashing Through the Snow is a lyric photo shoot to “Jingle Bells”.


Christmas Shopping According to Crystal-AGsinAlaska


We did shorten the title a bit of this funny photo story! It’s a bit late now to follow the advice, but it mostly applies to any holiday. 🙂


Merry Christmas From Happy House of AG-Happy House of AG

This post is a sweet holiday message from Loren with beautiful photos.

From Our Doll Family to Yours-All Doll’d Up by Kat

This cute Christmas photo shoot features many of Katie’s dolls and their personalities.


The Christmas Eve Party-Life of a Farm Doll

A photo story as vlogged by Afton, this Christmas party is one the dolls will never forget.


“Secret” Santa-AG’s Wondrous World

A sweet photo story about a “secret” Santa exchange between sisters. We love the doll’s shirts!

Time to cast your votes for the Best Holiday Post! Our final category is…


Fan Favorite Post

Which of these posts was the best one you saw this year? Here are the nominees:

The Figure Skating Competition-Dolls N’ All

This photo story is all about, well, a figure skating competition. Madi’s vlogs it with help from Katie and her…interesting commentary.


Chesapeake Doll Spa|Restoring A PC Samantha-The American Girl Spot

In this post, Natalie takes us through the process of restoring a Samantha doll along with some tips and tricks for her readers to be able to fix up their own dolls as well.


7 Essentials For A Doll Photoshoot-Doll Days

Not only is this post helpful to veteran and newbie doll bloggers, AG Doll Artist explains it with gorgeous graphics (Like the one above!).

The Most Important Part of Molly’s Day-Delightful World of Dolls

This serene photo story stars Molly as she does her most important task of the day-Read her Bible.


The “Missing” Shoe, a photo story from the blog Simply AG was nominated for this category, but Madison has stopped blogging. So, it isn’t nominated, but we encourage you all to read it here.


Time to cast your votes for the Fan Favorite Post!


Thank you guys so much for voting! Be sure to stay tuned for The Paisley Awards Ceremony and to ask people to vote. I also want to give a huge thanks to the people that have posted about the awards this year.

See you soon!


9 thoughts on “Paisley Awards 2018-Voting!

  1. Woohoo!!! I voted! Man, it just means so much to me that my blog is up there alongside some really incredible blogs. Best of luck to all because you are all AMAZING!!! Thanks again for hosting!
    -Katie 🙂

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