Photo Stories

Surprise! A Special Photo Story

Narrator’s POV


“I’m so bored!” said Melody! “B-o-r-e-d!”

“I know how you spell “bored” answered Emmy, smiling.


“But I am!”

“What should we do then?”

“We could….skydive.”



“Meet Queen Taylor?”

“I’d love to, but I don’t think that’s possible.”

Melody frowned. “I’ve got it! We could start our own jam and jelly factory!”

Emmy blinked at her.


“Wait, I know! We could have a party!” Melody screamed excitedly.

“For what? You know that you just want the cake.”

“Yep!” said Melody, picturing the beautiful cupcakes in her head. she could almost taste them…

“We need a reason for a party.”

“No, we don’t! Every days’ a holiday!”

“Worthy of cake?”


“Fine! Do you have any ideas?”


“Yup!” said Felicity, walking in. “You could celebrate me!”

“Why would we  do that?” Melody answered.

“Because it’s always a good idea to celebrate amazingness!”


Emmy looked at her sisters. “Guys, I’ve got it.” She whispered her idea to them, a smile on her face. They nodded.

“Perfect!” Melody agreed.


“Okay then. I’ll get the cake ready, Melody, you get the others and tell them to change into dresses, and Felicity, you…pick out what you’re going to wear. Let’s do this!” said Emmy.


Melody walked to the next human room and knocked on the door.


“Hiya Melody!” said Camille wearing her favorite pair of overalls.

“Hiya Camille! I need you to get all of your sisters dressed up. It’s for a very special party!”


“Yay!” screamed Camille, and ran back inside.


In the meantime, Felicity was in the middle of an existential crisis. “Should I wear the pink one or the blue one?” she thought to herself, staring down at her two dress options. “I just don’t know!” she fanned herself dramatically and then decided on the pink one.


In the dining room, Emmy was putting the last cupcake into place. She laid it down gently, completing the circle. It was party time!


Thirty Minutes Later


The room was dark and the dolls were all sitting by the party table. Their video camera lay on in front of set up.

“Are you ready?” asked Emmy.

Everyone nodded.

“Okay! 3…2…1…”


“SURPRISE!” shouted everyone as the lights flickered on. “Happy blogiversary to AGDollAwesome!”


Emmy stepped forward. “Congrats on three years guys! You and Samantha are all amazing! All of us dollies here love your blog.”


“Yeah” added Felicity. “Your blog is almost as fantastic as me!”


“Three years?” Camille asked. “That’s almost older than I am!”


“We’re so happy for you!” said Lea.

“Now, let’s eat cake!” screamed Melody.






Hi guys! I created this post to wish a happy blogiversary to my blogging friend Samantha from AGDollAwesome. Her blog has been around for three years! She’s always been an inspiration to me and this blog. She is so sweet and a great friend!

Be sure to wish her blog a happy birthday here! 





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