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Surprise! A Special Photo Story

Narrator’s POV


“I’m so bored!” said Melody! “B-o-r-e-d!”

“I know how you spell “bored” answered Emmy, smiling.


“But I am!”

“What should we do then?”

“We could….skydive.”



“Meet Queen Taylor?”

“I’d love to, but I don’t think that’s possible.”

Melody frowned. “I’ve got it! We could start our own jam and jelly factory!”

Emmy blinked at her.


“Wait, I know! We could have a party!” Melody screamed excitedly.

“For what? You know that you just want the cake.”

“Yep!” said Melody, picturing the beautiful cupcakes in her head. she could almost taste them…

“We need a reason for a party.”

“No, we don’t! Every days’ a holiday!”

“Worthy of cake?”


“Fine! Do you have any ideas?”


“Yup!” said Felicity, walking in. “You could celebrate me!”

“Why would we¬† do that?” Melody answered.

“Because it’s always a good idea to celebrate amazingness!”


Emmy looked at her sisters. “Guys, I’ve got it.” She whispered her idea to them, a smile on her face. They nodded.

“Perfect!” Melody agreed.


“Okay then. I’ll get the cake ready, Melody, you get the others and tell them to change into dresses, and Felicity, you…pick out what you’re going to wear. Let’s do this!” said Emmy.

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Photo Stories

We’re Moving?!-A Photostory

Rose the Human’s POV

All of the dolls were gathered around, engrossed in their conversations. They had been asked to come to my bedroom. My little sister Sara walked over and quieted them.

“You are probably wondering why we asked you to come. We have an announcement to make.”

The dolls whispered excitedly.

“We are moving.” said Sara.

“We’re moving?!” screamed Melody.

“Oh, yes! Freedom!” screamed Felicity. “Finally, my own room! No more Melody!”

“Not exactly…” I said.

“What do you mean by ‘Not exactly’?” Felicity’s voice had taken on a Veruca Salt-like tone.

“She means ‘No'” said Lea somewhat unhelpfully.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Felicity said, dropping to her knees. I sighed.

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Photo Stories

Melody’s Guide To the Ultimate Sleepover

Melody’s POV

Hi readers! Right now us dollies are having an epic spring break staycation! Well, except for Hollis. But that’s a different post. Staycations can be super boring, but there’s a great way to spice them up. Sleepovers! Yes, sleepovers are the number one way to have a great staycation. And I’m here to help you with having the most epic one ever! Here we go!

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Texting-A Photo Story

Melody’s POV

You know that feeling where everything is right in the world? For me, that’s called Friday. School is out, no homework, freedom! Fridays are the best day of the week!

Now, the only question is how to spend my afternoon. I’m thinking…..rearranging my Minion figurines. But, I just did that yesterday. I could ask Felicity about what to wear for class photos, but she’s not a Swiftie.

Usually, I spend my afternoons jamming to T Swizzle while looking for retro room decorations. But, my computer is missing, so that’s out of the picture.

You know what? I’m going to text my BFF Rebecca. Maybe she can FaceTime with me or something.

I pick up my phone and text “Happy Friday!” I’m sure that she’ll answer any second.

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Photo Stories

Felicity Fantastic Episode One-Meet Me, The Fantastic Felicity



Hello, dollies of the world! Welcome to Felicity Fantastic, a channel all about me, the fantastic Felicity. After a few months of A Doll-op of AG existing, it became clear that I was not featured enough! It was a terrible tragedy for all of doll kind!

That is why I informed Rose (The person) that I simply must have my own series here! She agreed, so now you all are blessed to get your own time with me, Felicity.


I’m sure that you all are very excited. On this channel, I’ll be posting all about my fantastic life. I’ll post vlogs, hauls, fashion videos, and so much more!

Now, in order for you to get to know me (Everyone’s favorite famous doll) better, I decided to do the 10 Facts About Me tag. Here we go!

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