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Hollis’ Bedroom Tour

Hey guys! Welcome to the latest in my (Somewhat unintentional) series, featuring posts all about my new doll, Hollis! Hollis is a re-named Tenney doll. As soon as I got her, I began working on her bedroom. It is the most detailed doll bedroom that I’ve ever made!

I spent hours printing, cutting, gluing, and sewing to make her room look good. Her room is based on a description in her first book.

“My side’s less shimmery, and decorated with all things music. I’ve adorned the wall over my bed with old photos of Patsy Cline, Joan Baez, and Johnny Cash, and a framed 78 rpm record of one of my favorite songs, Elvis Presley singing “Hound Dog”

-Kellyn Hertz Tenney p. 13

So, let’s get started with the tour!

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Photo Stories

The Winner Gets A Pink Plastic Flamingo-A Photo Story


Hollis’ POV


The first words that I heard that morning, indeed the words that had woken me up had been screamed by Rose.

“There’s snow! It’s snowing! SNOW!”


I glanced around my room. My first snow in three years! In Nashville, we didn’t get much snow, but I knew that it snowed a ton here. All around me, my honorary sisters and cousins were waking up and running to join Rose.


“Hollis! Did you here? It’s snowing! It’s snowing! Oh, I love snow!” Camille ran in, shouting. She had taken the most interest in me out of all of her sisters when I arrived.


I followed Camille and the rest of the Merrman-Clarks down stairs.


Once we made it to the landing, every one took off running towards the window to see the snow on the ground. It was really magical, the world covered in white….I promised myself that I would write a song about it ASAP.


For seemingly no reason, Camille pushed through all of us and ran upstairs.

“Good riddance!” said Felicity.


Unfortunately for Felicity, Camille was back in an instant, completely changed. She was wearing her coat, snow pants, mittens, and her ice skates.


“Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Get dressed! There’s snow to play in!”


Emmy stepped forward. “Sorry Camille, but it’s way too cold for me to let you go outside.”

“What are we supposed to do?!” shouted Rose.

“The adventures!” added Lea.

“Any ideas?” asked Emmy.


“I know.” said Felicity with a sly smile on her face. “Let’s have a little…..competition.”

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Photo Shoots

Guts, Grit, and A Guitar-A Hollis Photo Shoot


We recently welcomed Hollis Lindsay Grant into our doll family! Hollis is a re-named Tenney doll.


I dreamed of getting Hollis since I first saw her in the catalog.


That dream came true Christmas Eve, 2017. My mom handed me the box containing her, and my little sister Sara the box that contained Camille.

I screamed when I opened her.


I’m so glad to have her in my collection!

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Meet The Dolls-January 2018+I Changed Tenney’s Name?!

Recently, two more dolls joined the family. It was beyond amazing! Check it out here.

Today 2017 ends. I honestly can not believe it. Thank you to everyone who continues to read and support this blog. You’re awesome!

So, let’s meet the dolls! These dolls are mine and my sister Sara’s . She has three and I have four. Together, they are the seven dolls of A Doll-op of AG. Most of my dolls have the last name Merriman and all of hers are Clarks.

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A Wreath of Presents-What I Got For Christmas 2017

I hope you all had amazing Dollidays. 🙂 I had a very merry Christmas. Today, I thought that it would be fun to share the main doll items that my sister and I got for Christmas. But first, I have some exciting news.




Two dolls have joined the Doll-op of AG family! My sister and I each got one. Get ready to meet……







A Doll and a Wellie Wisher. You’ll find out at the end of this post. 🙂 Don’t worry, it will be really obvious.


Before I begin, I am not trying to brag in any way. I don’t want to make you upset. I like reading these posts, and it’s a fun way to share the new dolls.

By the way, the title of this post is the collective noun for a group of presents, which I made up.



Alright, let’s get started!

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Photo Stories

Recipe For A Perfect Christmas-Finale!

Part One

Part Two



Elena Bolt’s Recipe For A Perfect Tree

Take many ornaments and garlands, wrap and place them around an evergreen tree. Place the star on top. Yield: One beautiful tree


My sister Julia holds the box, filled with ornaments by her side. Christmas is in a week, and we have yet to decorate the tree. Mom couldn’t help, she had to work. I guess that’s another thing that we had to find substitutions for on the list.


She takes the lid and prepares to open it.


The ornaments pop out. They are in all colors and sizes. We don’t have any new ones this year.


I grab one end, and we attempt to untangle the mass of ornaments. I’m kind of preoccupied with this terrible Christmas, so I untangle very slowly.


Partly because of me, the ornaments end up even more tangled than before. With a sigh, we stand up and try to get them to work like that. But, I can’t stop thinking about it. No dad, no snow, no family time on the tree.

I drop my side of the ornament garland. It collapses into a mess.

Julia begins to try to untangle it herself. The ornaments are flying every which way and are all over her.

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Photo Stories

Christmas Morning-A Mini Holiday Photo Story


Christmas Morning


Two young girls ran into their cousin’s room. It was 7:00 AM, but no matter. It was Christmas!

The girls smiled at each other and nodded, ready to put their game plan into action.



“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” shouted Lea, as she jumped all over Felicity.



“Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle bells!” sang Rose, as she completed her task of waking Melody and Emmy.



The girls in bed sat up.

“Merry Christmas guys!” they said to each other.



Led by Rose and Melody, they ran down the stairs, eager to see what wonders awaited them.



Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your day is fantastic. Remember that today is not just about presents, but about the birth of Jesus.

To all of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have an amazing day off!


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